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Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf contains many types of polyphenols, the most common being oriuropein and hydroxytyrosol. Research at the University of Tsukuba and others has shown that they have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immune-strengthening, vascular, bone and reproductive effects.

Olive leaves grown in Tunisia’s hot and dry climate contain rich oleuropein (5-15% by dry weight), but depending on the drying and storage method, the content is reduced. In order to solve this problem, Harbiotec Aroma, a partner of Sumitomo Corporation, established a technology to dry olive leaves while maintaining the content of oriuropein with technical guidance from Japan. At the same time, no pesticides were detected in 250 kinds of pesticide residue tests conducted by the University of Tsukuba. Our olive leaves are safe and functional, and are expected to be used in fish and livestock feed as well as human supplements.

Partner Companies

Herbiotech Aroma S.A.

Became a partner company through the Jica BOP project and JETRO Africa Business Demonstration Project.

The company was established in December 2011 and began full-scale operations in February 2013. The company is a venture business run by a management team in their 30s that actively employs and trains local youth and women. The company has had a significant social impact and is expected to grow significantly in the future.

Product Lines

  • Organic olive oil and olive leaves
  • Organic seed oil (black cumin seed oil, mastic tree oil, linseed oil, jojoba oil, etc.)
  • Organic dried herbs (peppermint, rosemary, dill, parsley, etc.)
  • Organic essential oils (rosemary, neroli, etc.)

The quality is high and stable as they manage everything from the fields to production in-house at their own farms and contract farmers. In addition to organic JAS certification, their products are certified by Ecocert, USDA and other organizations for organic farming. In addition to Japan, they sell their products in 7 countries in Europe, including the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

Herbiotech Aroma S. A. Website

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