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Our Business

Development and import sales of products using plant resources in North Africa

Arenabio has built strong partnerships with Tunisian government agencies and local companies through past JICA BOP business partnership projects and JETRO Africa business projects.

We deliver products to the people of Japan that utilize the unique and useful plant resources of North Africa.

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • High polyphenol olive leaf (Tea, nutritional supplements, farmed fish feed, livestock feed, etc.)
  • Olive leaf extract (Oleuropein)
  • Various dried herbs
  • Herb extract
  • Rare cosmetic oils (such as Prickly Pear Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil and Mastic Oil)
  • Essential oil
  • Mountain Honey
  • Other

Consulting for business development in Africa and other regions

Arenabio is a member of the Social Impact Solutions Group (SIPS), which has a long history of sourcing and investing in businesses and start-ups on the African and Asian continent. With our network of contacts in Africa and Asia and the resources of the SIPS Group, we can help you to develop your business in Africa and Asia.

Please contact us.

  • Business expansion in the agricultural and food materials sector
  • Finding venture companies in Tunisia and Nigeria
  • Search for pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients in Africa

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